Be it multi-coloured biscuits or great pies:
I always get to create something special when using the food colourings from Brauns-Heitmann.

Colouring dough

  1. Ingredients: Ingredients for a dough recipe of your choice, Brauns-Heitmann food colouring, a little water.
  1. Mix the desired food colouring with ½ tsp of water.
  1. Work the dissolved food colouring into the dough until you get the desired colour depth.

Then continue the dough preparation and baking according to the selected recipe.

Please note: 

The fruit acids contained in some foods can dramatically change the colour shade of the food colourings. This, however, can be easily prevented: first of all dissolve the food colouring powder in a little bit of water and only then add it to the acidic liquid or dessert dish.