Quick to make and looks impressive.
Colourful icing adds that certain something to every baking idea.

Colouring icing

  1. Ingredients: 250 g icing sugar (enough to coat a sheet or ring cake), water, possibly lemon juice, Brauns-Heitmann food colouring.
  1. Mix the icing sugar with very little water. Now mix in the Brauns-Heitmann food colouring until you get the desired colour depth.
  1. If required, mix in more liquid such as lemon juice until you get the desired consistency.
  1. Now you can coat the pastry with the icing or create patterns using a piping bag.

Please note:

The fruit acids contained in some foods can dramatically change the colour shade of the food colourings. This, however, can be easily prevented: first of all dissolve the food colouring powder in a little bit of water and only then add it to the acidic liquid or dessert dish.


I always use a freezer bag as a piping bag. Simply fill it with icing, cut off a small corner, and it’s ready for piping patterns or names.